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IV Therapy


Just 2% dehydration causes headaches, fatigue, reduced motor skills, memory deficiency and skin damage. Who really thinks about these real damages in their day to day life? No one does. But we all know to drink water or sports drinks to replace our fluids and vitamins.

These solutions only scratch the surface of dehydration or vitamin needs. When taking in hydration & vitamins orally, they pass through the digestive tract and you only absorb approximately 55% of the benefits.  IV treatments are 100% absorbed by the body as they are introduced directly into your bloodstream. This method produces quick & efficient recovery from dehydration and energy depletion.

Energy Booster Shots much like our IV treatments are directly introduced to your bloodstream. You receive 100% of the benefits of these vitamins and the effects last for days, not hours.

Our B12 and B12 SLIMBOOST are suited for increasing your energy, detoxifying your body, and improving sleep, appetite and mood cycles.

Our GLUTATHIONE shot is a master antioxidant delivering a host of benefits such as increasing your energy, detoxifying your body, reducing muscle & joint discomfort, reducing the effect of stress, strengthening your immune system and producing anti-aging benefits.

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